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November 5, 2017

Pong Yaeng Trail 2017 - 66km

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This is the very first time I travel to foreign country alone. Also my first race in outside of Malaysia.

The why

After my first ultra 50km in Sungai Lembing back in 2016, I was thought of increase the distance. But then I know, I’ve no enough time to do much training, so I don’t plan to go for 100KM.

I found this race in Facebook, and it has 66KM category, which fulfill my requirement. Then I decided to go alone (travel alone was one of my reason too)

What I have done before the race

In September 2017, my last trail running (about 8KM) before the race. Until 15 October, I joined road race 30KM, I think this consider my LSD before the race, the result was bad, but a good LSD for my leg to get used to long distance. In between, I totally no run/jogging at all.


I arrived Chiang Mai Internation Airport on 2nd Nov morning.

Chiang Mai Internation Airport

I took Grab car to the hostel, rest for 1 day before going to race.

The grab car driver

Then travel around the nearby area by bicycle for the whole afternoon.

Bicycle provided by the hostel



Night Bazaar

Night Bazaar

Massage foot

Of course, foot massage is a must!!

The event period

Race pack collection

I waited the shuttle van in Arcade bus terminal.

The event crew

Register my name

Because the hotel nearby the race venue already full, thus I only book the camp site


With the help of the other 2 runners…

Camp done

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Just walking distance


Yeah!! My lucky number

Race bib

Finishing line

Not finish yet :)


One of my favourite brand

race briefing

This is what they provide for dinner




The race day

My category started from 8am, I wake up at 5am++

Nutrilite protein & BodyKey

Actually, this suppose to be my breakfast, but I wake up too early. Thus this won’t last so long for my stomach.

From the QSBG to the starting point, actually have about 1-2KM distance, thus I waited at the gate there, and follow someone (stranger) car go up.

The runners waiting around

The race route

The race site

Breakfast again

I felt hungry before the race, thus I order the fried instant noodle. They wanted to treat me (because I only have THB1000 and they don’t have small change), ended up I manage to change with another runner, and paid for the meal. Is very hard to find such a good heart guy.

Super sayan

I guess you know who’s this right? It’s Super sayan Goku :)

wefie with Goku

I think is not easy to wear such a costume and run for 66KM…

Starting point

Race route

At the beginning, we start from road

Race route

Turning to trail

I used 46 minutes to complete 4.95KM. Quite slow though

CP 1

Quite a short CP, the next station around 3KM only

Pong Yaeng trail view

Pong Yaeng trail view

No rush, just enjoy the race. Be present…

Pong Yaeng trail view

Can see from here, the trail is not tough at all, it’s kind like a road run.

Pong Yaeng trail view

One thing I like about trail ultra is, there will be many villeges to cross through, and see their living

CP 2

Reached CP2

CP 2

Scanning the bib

CP 2 food

The food give really nice, here’s the pineapple, and already cutted into piece. I never seen this in Malaysia race so far.

After CP 2

Begin the journey again, it’s very hot, steep. But again, the trail (or road, I don’t know) is pretty easy

Pong Yaeng trail view

Aiming for podium is always not my style ๐Ÿ˜†

Pong Yaeng trail view


Yeah, still early


A6 food

The food given, it’s pork rice, non-halal food. This won’t happen in Malaysia race

Pong Yaeng trail view

Finally, here look like trail already.

Pong Yaeng trail view

Pong Yaeng trail view

Come back to road again


About 5 hours passed, 42KM left


A5 food

A5 food

Very nice service

A5 consume protein & bodykey

I have my own, Nutrilite. To fill up the protein, mineral & vitamin

Pong Yaeng trail view

Pong Yaeng trail view

I think for normal travellers, won’t come to this villege if they visit Chiang Mai. This is why I like about trail ultra.


Reached A4


A4 food

A4 food

A4 food

A4 food

I’ve never seen this in Malaysia race too.


Finally, reached the drop bag station.




Met Goku again

Hmm… I’m about the same pace with Goku. Am I fast?

See the runner in front? She’s another Malaysian who join the 66KM category. 66KM only she & me, 2 Malaysian.


From A3 to A2, I follow other runners, and turned into wrong way, I think wasted about 20~30 minutes there.

That time I still don’t know how to use Suunto for navigation, although I loaded the route into it.

Somewhere in the middle, the wind very strong, and it sound like ghost crying, and the grass very tall, a bit scary feeling ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

But it’s really awesome experience to me โœŒ๏ธ

A2 food

Here is very cold, eat some hot food really fantastic, they provide Laksa here too.


Reached the last CP already, 11KM left. I stay for quite short time here, and then continue moving to finishing line.

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Reached the gate of the garden already. Tired and excited ๐Ÿคฉ

Although reaching soon, but again, I gone into wrong route again. The funny thing is, there’s another runner follow me ๐Ÿ˜† So both of us running in the dark, and no other runners, no car, just a complete dark road (not trail).

After some point, I felt something not right, how come no other runners here? Then I decided to make a U-turn, and that time I was far in front of the unlucky runner. Until I saw him, I told him “mai cai thini…” with my broken Thai language ๐Ÿ˜…

I think also wasted about 20~30 minutes here.

PYT finishing line

Then finally, I was 30 minutes before the DNF. I think that time was around 12:30am GMT+7.

PYT finishing line

PYT finisher T-shirt

The medal is handmade by their local people there, so special.

After race

The story not end yet…

I was stay in the tent previously, suppose after the race, I have to go back to the tent, and bath for cold water (night time really super cold).

But, remember the Malaysian runner same category to me? They rented a resort, and I just follow her to the resort ๐Ÿ˜ Super friendly, and very comfortable, especially after a long race.

Pong Yaeng resort

Have nice bed, nice shower

Pong Yaeng resort

Pong Yaeng resort

I took the photo in the morning.


For those newbie who want to try out ultra, can try this, because so far I think this is the easiest trail ultra I’ve ever join.

The organiser, the food given, is quite good. If you have more budget, better to rent a hotel or resort. Because it’s really awesome to rest nicely after a long race ๐Ÿ˜‰

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