MMTF 2019 - 55KM

After 1 year, I’m back to MMTF again, and this is also my only ultra race in 2019.
Well, I can say, this is my most unprepared ultra race, due to busy with works (and lazy 😆).

MMTF run site

I reached run site at 6pm, from KL.



Is very crowded in race entry pack collection.


3 of us, 13KM, 25KM, 55KM (is me 😉).

MMTF elevation profile

MMTF race bib

After collected race pack, they provide dinner there

MMTF dinner

MMTF mandatory items

Check the mandatory items checklist, then I only noticed

Salomon soft flask

It’s Salomon, I thought it will be long lasting. But who knows, I only use a few times, in ultra race.
Initially I prepared total 1.5 litre of water, but now only left 1 litre 🤨

Race day

MMTF race day

I arrived run site at around 7:40am, plan to buy a soft flask. But many booth not open yet.

MMTF race

MMTF race

This year start at morning, which I feel way better than last year (start at 9pm).
More fresh and not as tired as last year.

From starting point to CP1, I noticed 1 of my trekking pole cannot be locked.
So I only use 1 pole, and carry the other pole until CP1. My aunts and friends are helper in CP1,
then I just passed the unused pole to them. Of course, 2 poles are better, but no choice, I didn’t check earlier 😅

In CP1 here, the banana are whole piece, quite a lot of food there, but I only ate 1 banana, and don’t feel like eating much.

Not stop too long, and continue move on to CP2.

MMTF race

MMTF race

This year trail is much dry and not slippery compared to last year.

In this route, is quite tough for me, I guess probably is because I lack of training.


This is memorable place, last year I DNF here. I took 6 hours to reach this CP in 2018.
But this year, I took 4:40+ only. Also, the COT for this year is 6 hours, 30 minutes longer than last year (was 5:30 hours).




Hungry already. The banana are cut into half (in CP1 was whole piece).
I ate 1, then no more. LOL. Then I eat cake


From CP2 to CP3, is the longest, and toughest, so I think I need 1.5 litre of water.
But there didn’t have small bottle, ended up I need to carry the whole bottle, in hand, along the journey 🤦

I was plan to DNF at CP3 (Angkasa), because I think, I totally no training for this race, it should be quite impossible to complete 🤔
So, I walk a while, sit and rest for a while, walk, sit, walk, sit… for don’t know how many KM…

In around 900m elevation, I thought is reaching the peak soon, so I rest less, and keep walking. In fact, I walked for quite long time, then only reached

Bukit Larut TM tower

Finally, reached the TM tower, from here until CP4, all the way tar road 🤩

Bukit Larut TM tower

Bukit Larut TM tower

Bukit Larut TM tower

Nutrilite protein

Refill with Nutrilite protein 😍

Walking in tar road is quite comfortable. Soon, reached CP3


Reached CP3, I have 2 hours buffer, so I think I should be able to finish the race.
Drink some hot coffee, eat some cake, then move on…


I think CP3 to CP4, I took around 2 hours, 10KM, all the way tar road, and going down hill

MMTF CP4 dinner

MMTF CP4 dinner

MMTF CP4 dinner

This is my dinner, it looks simple, but very delicious. Was very hungry

I took rest, and dinner around 30 minutes. Then depart again on 7:40pm.

Now CP4 to CP5 need headlamp already. And also going back to trail 😩

I started to feel tired again, some more night time hard to see.
The given time for this is 2 hours, but I have 1 hour+ buffer.
It took me about 2:30 hours to reach CP5.


CP5 is actually CP2, the same place. When reached CP5, there has no food, only drink, so I didn’t stop for long, because the time I feel like a bit tight.

From CP5 to finishing line, I saw the elevation profile, seems not very high.
In fact, I was super tired, and hiking up, even though is not that much of trail.

At the end, reached finishing line at 12:30am, total 16.5 hours, which is 30min before COT. Is quite hard to believe I make it, without training 😂

MMTF result

When reached finishing line, only get a medal, and a finisher T.
Nothing much else, and I straight away go back home, because really tired.
Long time didn’t push my body to such an extend.

MMTF strava

MMTF medal


Actually, this time I can complete, LUCK is 1 of the key, because the day before the race, has no rain, during the race day, no rain, and no hot sun, super nice weather.

I think, if raining that day, I may be DNF again. Thanks god 😌

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2019 Mount Ijen & Bromo Trip

This is my second time visiting Indonesia. Which also a hiking (or more accurately trekking) trip.

Day 1:

Wake up at 4:15am, take a 5am bus to KLIA2. Not sleep in the bus.

Aerobus Paradigm Mall to KLIA2

When reached KLIA2, meet-up with my aunt. After had some light breakfast, we proceed to baggage check in. I noticed now is self serve, have to weight the bag ourselves, scan the tag, and must make sure it match with the booking number. So, always reach airport earlier, we never know what will consume our time.


Everyone can fly

(Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of AirAsia)

When in the airplane, I not really sleep well, even though I was tired.


When reached Surabaya airport, The first thing I do is, connect airport WiFi 😆.
Then I saw a message from company 😩, what to do? So I still bought a SIM card there.

Surabaya Airport

We met with the tour guide and follow the van (or bus, not sure) to Banyuwangi. I was told, to the destination need around 7 hours. That time was 11:30am. Then I expect should be around 8pm can reach the hotel, then we have around 3 hours+ to sleep.

On-the-way van

Our first stop, is this restaurant, price range a bit higher on average, around Rp. 40k+ for a fried rice.

kartikasari restaurant

kartikasari restaurant fried rice

After don’t know how many hours, we stop by a rest area. Take a rest and take a walk.

Rest area

Rest area eat ice cream

Continue the journey, until….. 7pm, the sky already dark, we were hungry, and stop by a mini market there, bought some biscuit & drink

Indomart drink yogurt

Our dinner time was at 8pm, hungry, tired…

Dinner Makanan Titin

No fried rice, no fried noodle, only has economic rice.

Dinner Makanan Titin

The price is really economic, but the taste… so so only…

Finally… Arrived the hotel

Ijen Resto Guest House

From airport 11:30am, to the hotel 9:50pm 😱 Super long journey

During the journey in the bus, is hard for me to sleep, and I not even sure if I had take a nap. Because of the shaky bus and narrow space.

The good news is, now we can rest; but, the not so good news is, we will be checking out on 12am 😨.
After shower and unpack some stuff, 10:30pm. 1.5 hours left. 😰

Day 2

Alarm rang. 12am, I was super tired 😴
After waiting all members ready, almost 1am. I think because of my tiredness, I’m able to nap for a while when travelling to Mount Ijen.

We were given a gas mask, for the sulphur smoke, which is very poisonous.

Is very crowded, and the trail was quite slippery. When hike down to the blue fire place, the trail is a bit dangerous.

We can see the fire, it just like the cooking gas fire. The smoke can make our throats dry and eye quite painful.

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2019 new year hike in Gunung Nuang

What people usually do in new year? Shopping, stay at home, etc.

This is not my first time hiking in 1st January.

I have been here 2 years ago, in Christmas day. Now come back again

We reached the entrance around 10:50am. Quite late and hot already.

Gunung Nuang entrance

To enter, have to register and pay RM2/person, I think is about the same as 2 years ago. Inflation affected here 😆

The beginning path, is highway, means car can pass through, wide & easy trail.

Gunung Nuang - the actual trail entrance

After about 5KM, then only reached the actual trail. We took around 1 hour+ to reach.

Gunung Nuang - the actual trail entrance

Gunung Nuang - waterfall

Begin to see waterfall here, there’s a way to turn and cross over the waterfall, after a short distance from the entrance.

Gunung Nuang - waterfall

Waterfall along the way. Here the elevation all the way up

Gunung Nuang - mini river crossing

There are few mini rivers, but cross over confirm shoes will get wet.

Gunung Nuang - mini river crossing

Gunung Nuang - mini river crossing with rope

There’s a rope there, quite easy to cross over

Gunung Nuang - closing to kem pacat

Took 3 hours+, finally reached the Kem Pacat. 2 years ago I also hike until here.
Today also the same.

Gunung Nuang - kem pacat drinking XS energy drink

We took a short break here (around 15 minutes), eat some bread and have some energy drink.
It’s important to have some food & drink, to refuel 🍩 🍸

I thought going down-hill should be faster, but end up, about the same like up-hill.

Gunung Nuang - washing face refresh

Here to wash face to cool down the heat (afternoon hike, heat is normal)

Gunung Nuang - the actual trail entrance

Finally, about 5 hours to come back the the highway, 4KM around 2 hours going down-hill.
Fast? Slow? Doesn’t matter, just enjoy the hike.

After the long highway

Gunung Nuang - entrance

Finally, we back the the entrance. Here’s after photo. Smile or cry 🤣

Remember to checkout when back to the entrance, they need to ensure everyone are safe.


Hiking can be one of the good choice in festive season

  • not as much people like shopping mall
  • strengthen our muscle
  • breath some fresh air outside of city

If you are first timer, and plan to go Nuang, you can try to go until Kem Pacat.

6 hours should be quite standard speed, and prepare

  • more water, 1.5 litre / person should be enough.
  • some food, no need too much, can be some energy food or bread good enough.

P/S: I’m not reached the summit, so I think 1.5 litre may not enough for some people if hike to summit, especially in hot weather.

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MMTF 2018: 70KM

The only ultra race I joined in 2018. Also to support my hometown event.

This race is the first year organised, and mostly are virgin trail (now I know how’s the virgin trail look like).

My longest race before this, was 66KM in Chiang Mai.
So I think this year should upgrade a little bit.
From 66KM -> 70KM, 4KM extra, should be able to make it.

Look at the elevation profile

MMTF 70KM elevation profile

From the info given, the easiest path should be from starting point to CP1, seems like a flat road, and the toughest path should be the 2 big hill…

The story begin…

On 30th Nov 2018 (the race day), I woke up at 6:45am in the morning, then travel from KL to Taiping.
When the time reached Taiping, already 1pm+. Then go to collect race bib.

MMTF race bib collection

This time mandatory items check very strict, energy bar, glove, visor are required. Usual ultra trail race won’t check for these.

MMTF race items provided

They provide 999 soap for 36KM & 70KM category, the soap is to prevent leeches.

MMTF race bib

The good thing about this race bib is, the elevation profile showing there. Convenient for runners.

MMTF runsite

MMTF race briefing

Not many people attending the race briefing.
The race director has mentioned that, for 70KM runners, if in CP1 & CP2 already feel very tough, then should surrender to the crew in CP. Because from CP2 - CP3 will be 6 times tougher than CP1 - CP2.

From CP3 - CP4 will be tar road, all the way going down hill (I’ve run there before in King of Bukit Larut).
This path cannot be run fast, if not, from CP4 - CP5 going up hill will be very tough…

Quite useful information in the briefing.

After the briefing, I went back to home and try to take a nap, unfortunatelyI can’t…

XS energy drink

Before the race, take XS drink first, there’s some caffiene in this energy drink.

Before the MMTF race

Met Baby Trail Running Club GM here.

Raining before MMTF 70KM start

There is heavy rain in around 8pm, luckily it’s getting lesser when close the race start at 9pm.

MMTF 70KM start

When start the race, is tar road, at beginning I thought the first 13KM is tar road.
But, it’s not, running I think few hundred meters already begin go into the trail.

I believe from race site to CP1 should be the easiest path throughout the whole course.
But you know what, to me, it’s quite tough at this point, the look-flat elevation doesn’t seems to match the reality…
I get ready a pair of hiking sticks, it really helps a lot, in both uphill & downhill.
From this path, there is a mix with trail & some tar road. The 13KM took me 2:47 hours.

MMTF 2018: Reached CP1

At this point, I thought still early, and I didn’t notice the cut off time (COT) is 3 hours.
So I just slow & steady. Until… The race director shout “faster! faster! still have 10 minutes!!”
Then I only notice, I’m 10 minutes before the COT. My first time ever, in CP1 didn’t have much time left (usually I will reach around 1 hour before the cut off).

Just continue to slow jog. Because from CP1 - CP2, the beginning path is tar road.
After I think around 1KM, we go into trail again, and this time tougher…
Until a point, I heard someone shout “wrong way! wrong way!”, I just follow the front runners most of the time.
But when I heard this, I check with my GPS map, it really shows I’m out of the route, so have to U-turn back, I think around 100 meters, luckily is not too far yet…
So, here start going uphill, continuously… And I begin to feel tired, sleepy.
I’m very bad in late-night running. Some more, I woke up so early in the morning and didn’t sleep in afternoon.
Then I keep stop and sit down (can’t remember how many times), really tired.
The “give up” start to popup in my mind. Then I keep telling myself, I must take a 10-15 minutes nap when I reached CP2.

MMTF 2018: CP1 - CP2

The undertaker is coming up, because is close to the COT already.

The trail is very slippery & muddy. I holding 2 sticks is like doing skiing, but this is not snow, it’s mud…

I started to realise, the runners in front & behind of me are the same, means we’re in the same pace.
Until around 17KM, my headlamp getting darker, just last around 5 hours, then I change the battery in halfway.
When changing battery in dark, a bit difficult too. Because when turned off the headlamp, can’t see anything at all.
From here, I notice 1 set of spare battery is not enough, better to prepare 2 set spare battery for 1 night.

By this time, I heard some runner said “Lagi 40 minit”, means 40 minutes left to the COT. And I still have 2~3KM…
Tired + sleepy, I know not enough time already, but still have to continue, because there’s no other way out to the trail.

MMTF 2018: Reached CP2

I’m 35 minutes over the COT, my very first time DNF (did not finished), I also can’t imagine just in CP2, already DNF.
This race, need to train very well, not only lower body, upper body also need to train well.
There are some path has rope for us to pull. Also I know the importance of glove.

MMTF 2018: CP2

There are Coke, 100plus, Spritzer mineral water, & banana provided there.

MMTF 2018: CP2

I’m not the last 1 to reach CP2.

MMTF 2018: CP2 runners waiting

MMTF 2018: CP2 runners

There are more runners coming.

MMTF 2018: CP2 drinking BodyKey

Take Bodykey while waiting for the 4 wheels car.

MMTF 2018: Back to the race site

I think this is my 2nd time to reach the finishing line so early (1st time was Penang Triathlon 2015).

MMTF 2018: Shoes condition after race

From my shoes, already can know how muddy it is.

Some photos & videos from friends



MMTF trail

MMTF trail

MMTF trail

Race statistics

Category Registered Start Finisher DNS DNF
70KM 471 395 206 (52.2%) 76 189
36KM 614 491 190 (38.7%) 123 301
15KM 322 242 194 (80%) 80 48
Overall 1423 1128 590 (52.3%) 295 538


This is the toughest race I ever join, also the toughest hill I ever hike. Way more difficult than Mount Rinjani.

Compare this with Cameron ultra, if we call this a trail race, then Cultra I can consider it as a road race.
Because I not actually train well also can complete Cultra 55KM.
I can say Cultra very easy.

Compare this with Penang ECO, which previously I tought is toughest. This time is few times tougher than Penang ECO.
I did Penang ECO 50KM last year, is my first trail ultra, I not really train well also. I took 18 hours to complete.
Penang ECO has longer time, and the trail is not so muddy like this.
I can rate the Penang ECO difficulty level medium.

Probably I will try again in 2019 (I heard there will be a 50KM category). Should be try-able 😉

Items/Gears I used in this race

Items for the race

Salomon S-lab sense 6

Get from Lazada

Suunto Ambit 3 peak sapphire

Get from Lazada

Injinji socks

Get from 11street

Salomon S-lab Adv Skin 12

Get from Lazada

Aonijie Blinker

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Get from 11street

Compressport Headband

Compressport Visor

Get from 11street

Eneloop Pro AAA battery

Get from 11street

Mont-Bell Waterproof Jacket

Get from Lazada

O2 Creation Tribelt

Opsite Spray

Get from Lazada

Salomon Gaiter

Get from Lazada

Salomon XT Wings Glove WP

Get from Lazada

BodyKey Nutrition Bar

BodyKey Meal Replacement

Artistry UV Protect

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Pong Yaeng Trail 2017 - 66km

This is the very first time I travel to foreign country alone. Also my first race in outside of Malaysia.

The why

After my first ultra 50km in Sungai Lembing back in 2016, I was thought of increase the distance.
But then I know, I’ve no enough time to do much training, so I don’t plan to go for 100KM.

I found this race in Facebook, and it has 66KM category, which fulfill my requirement. Then I decided
to go alone (travel alone was one of my reason too)

What I have done before the race

In September 2017, my last trail running (about 8KM) before the race. Until 15 October, I joined
road race 30KM, I think this consider my LSD before the race, the result was bad, but a good LSD
for my leg to get used to long distance. In between, I totally no run/jogging at all.


I arrived Chiang Mai Internation Airport on 2nd Nov morning.

Chiang Mai Internation Airport

I took Grab car to the hostel, rest for 1 day before going to race.

The grab car driver

Then travel around the nearby area by bicycle for the whole afternoon.

Bicycle provided by the hostel



Night Bazaar

Night Bazaar

Massage foot

Of course, foot massage is a must!!

The event period

Race pack collection

I waited the shuttle van in Arcade bus terminal.

The event crew

Register my name

Because the hotel nearby the race venue already full, thus I only book the camp site


With the help of the other 2 runners…

Camp done

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Just walking distance


Yeah!! My lucky number

Race bib

Finishing line

Not finish yet :)


One of my favourite brand

race briefing

This is what they provide for dinner




The race day

My category started from 8am, I wake up at 5am++

Nutrilite protein & BodyKey

Actually, this suppose to be my breakfast, but I wake up too early. Thus this won’t last so long for my stomach.

From the QSBG to the starting point, actually have about 1-2KM distance, thus I waited at the gate there,
and follow someone (stranger) car go up.

The runners waiting around

The race route

The race site

Breakfast again

I felt hungry before the race, thus I order the fried instant noodle.
They wanted to treat me (because I only have THB1000 and they don’t have small change), ended up I manage to change
with another runner, and paid for the meal. Is very hard to find such a good heart guy.

Super sayan

I guess you know who’s this right? It’s Super sayan Goku :)

wefie with Goku

I think is not easy to wear such a costume and run for 66KM…

Starting point

Race route

At the beginning, we start from road

Race route

Turning to trail

I used 46 minutes to complete 4.95KM. Quite slow though

CP 1

Quite a short CP, the next station around 3KM only

Pong Yaeng trail view

Pong Yaeng trail view

No rush, just enjoy the race. Be present…

Pong Yaeng trail view

Can see from here, the trail is not tough at all, it’s kind like a road run.

Pong Yaeng trail view

One thing I like about trail ultra is, there will be many villeges to cross through, and see their living

CP 2

Reached CP2

CP 2

Scanning the bib

CP 2 food

The food give really nice, here’s the pineapple, and already cutted into piece.
I never seen this in Malaysia race so far.

After CP 2

Begin the journey again, it’s very hot, steep. But again, the trail (or road, I don’t know) is pretty easy

Pong Yaeng trail view

Aiming for podium is always not my style 😆

Pong Yaeng trail view


Yeah, still early


A6 food

The food given, it’s pork rice, non-halal food. This won’t happen in Malaysia race

Pong Yaeng trail view

Finally, here look like trail already.

Pong Yaeng trail view

Pong Yaeng trail view

Come back to road again


About 5 hours passed, 42KM left


A5 food

A5 food

Very nice service

A5 consume protein & bodykey

I have my own, Nutrilite. To fill up the protein, mineral & vitamin

Pong Yaeng trail view

Pong Yaeng trail view

I think for normal travellers, won’t come to this villege if they visit Chiang Mai.
This is why I like about trail ultra.


Reached A4


A4 food

A4 food

A4 food

A4 food

I’ve never seen this in Malaysia race too.


Finally, reached the drop bag station.




Met Goku again

Hmm… I’m about the same pace with Goku. Am I fast?

See the runner in front? She’s another Malaysian who join the 66KM category.
66KM only she & me, 2 Malaysian.


From A3 to A2, I follow other runners, and turned into wrong way,
I think wasted about 20~30 minutes there.

That time I still don’t know how to use Suunto for navigation, although I loaded the route into it.

Somewhere in the middle, the wind very strong, and it sound like ghost crying, and the grass very tall, a bit scary feeling 😱

But it’s really awesome experience to me ✌️

A2 food

Here is very cold, eat some hot food really fantastic, they provide Laksa here too.


Reached the last CP already, 11KM left. I stay for quite short time here, and then continue moving to finishing line.

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Reached the gate of the garden already. Tired and excited 🤩

Although reaching soon, but again, I gone into wrong route again.
The funny thing is, there’s another runner follow me 😆
So both of us running in the dark, and no other runners, no car, just a complete dark road (not trail).

After some point, I felt something not right, how come no other runners here?
Then I decided to make a U-turn, and that time I was far in front of the unlucky runner.
Until I saw him, I told him “mai cai thini…” with my broken Thai language 😅

I think also wasted about 20~30 minutes here.

PYT finishing line

Then finally, I was 30 minutes before the DNF. I think that time was around 12:30am GMT+7.

PYT finishing line

PYT finisher T-shirt

The medal is handmade by their local people there, so special.

After race

The story not end yet…

I was stay in the tent previously, suppose after the race, I have to go back to the tent, and bath for cold water (night time really super cold).

But, remember the Malaysian runner same category to me?
They rented a resort, and I just follow her to the resort 😁
Super friendly, and very comfortable, especially after a long race.

Pong Yaeng resort

Have nice bed, nice shower

Pong Yaeng resort

Pong Yaeng resort

I took the photo in the morning.


For those newbie who want to try out ultra, can try this, because so far I think this is the easiest trail ultra I’ve ever join.

The organiser, the food given, is quite good. If you have more budget, better to rent a hotel or resort. Because it’s really awesome to rest nicely after a long race 😉

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My 1st Solo Night Trail Run

Why I have this thought? Probably I can say is some stress & thinking chaos. Last night I have less than 5 hours of sleep, and some other issues caused me to rush here rush there. Also, skipped lunch and went for a seminar (to duty).

Hungry… Tired… Cold (the air cond)… Other things on hand… I can’t get my mind cleared. Thus, I decided to try something I never done before —— have a short run in Bukit Gasing.

Before that, I was thinking whether to go or not, or just take a rest… Then I know the FEAR is stopping me, my little voice is stopping me… I know the principle is, the more you fear, the more you must go for it! YES 💪 , then I go back and change clothes, bring my Black Diamond headlamp, change to trail running shoes, just as minimal as possible.

Of course, I put Allano lotion in my body, because I know there will have a lot of mosquito

Allano lotion

Then, I went Bukit Gasing after having my dinner.

Gasing entrance

No one is hiking there, and is very dark inside the trail. Not complete dark because of moonlight

Full moonlight

After taken some photos, I run in straight away. Because if I doubt for longer time, the bigger fear I have!

I follow the usual route that I know, because too many routes inside (I get lost a few times when I was hiking in the morning). Night time none of single person is inside other than me, so I must be very be careful, because if I get lost, no one will point me the correct direction.

Of course, I have some experience running in the dark in trail, during ultra trail event. But this is different, no one in front of me; no one behind of me; no one in left or right besides me, quite scary also.

During the run, I felt a bit tired when going up hill. But I didn’t stop at all, at most is slow down a bit, my mind is pretty clear, only one thing —— to get out of the trail. I didn’t turn my head left or right, not even turn back, I don’t care what is behind me, I only look in front, 1 meter in front, seldom look further distance. What I take care of is, 3~4 steps in front of me. From here, I understand a word —— FOCUS. I seldom so focus before. Is the FEAR make me focus, make me neglect of pain & tire…

Once I get out of the trail, I felt relieved. Once I reached home, I felt relax~ Really a great experience from this.

After workout, sure need to take protein for faster recovery

Nutrilite for recovery

#nutrilite #salomon #suunto #compresssport #blackdiamond

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Few months back, I was thinking whether to sign up for TMMT or Cultra. The reason for TMMT is because of the 70KM category (I wanted to try longer than 50KM, but shorter than 100KM), ended up I decided to sign up Cultra. I was attracted by the nice scenary.

Mandatory & optional items

Jul 21, 2017 (Friday)

This time also the same, I drove up to Cameron alone, and meet up my friend there. Initially I worried I’m not able to reach the race kit collection place before it closed, so I passed all the documents to my friend.

But when I reached there, is about 5pm (closed at 6pm). So I quickly get the documents from him and collect myself.


Can see long queue in the registration counter.

When I reached the mandatory items checking counter, I noticed I lost my blinker, then I quickly borrow 1 from my friend and pass through the checking.

Reminder for you, keep all the mandatory items inside zip-compartment.

Drop bag deposit

After done everything, I drove to homestay to meet up with friends and go for dinner.


Eat steamboat in such a cold weather, really cool~

Jul 22, 2017 (Saturday)

I woke up at 3am (the race started at 5am), and eat Bak kut teh as breakfast 😂 . One of the team member prepare this, and is my first time to eat Bak kut teh before the race. Very nice experience.

Race site

Then we carpool to the race site.

Race starting point

And start at 5am sharp!!


I heard some of my friends said, we must run fast at the beginning, because in the trail is at the beginning, and will jam like hell. Then I run with a normal speed, and still stuck in the traffic jam

Reached CP1

When I reached CP1, the distance was 7.39KM, and the time was 1hr 12min. I just refill water and continue to move

Reached CP2

When I reached CP2, the distance was 10.94KM, and the time was 2hr 13min. Around 1 hour for 3KM distance, can see how the traffic was. By the time already 7am+, already bright.

CP2 coffee & tea

Same, I drink some soft-drink, refill water and continue to move on.

Reached CP3

This CP also take longer time, 16.49KM, and the time was 4hr 03min. Because was in trail… Again, I did the same thing, drink soft-drink, refill, go toilet and move on…

Now onwards, the path become easier


Nice road

To the road...

Along the way

Along the way

Reached CP4

I didn’t take too long to rest in CP4 too, this CP has orange, so I take some orange (because started to feel hungry) and refill some water.

Food in CP4

From here onward, not much trail, thus I pour out some tiny stones from my shoes.

CP4 ~ CP5

CP4 ~ CP5

CP4 ~ CP5

CP4 ~ CP5

CP4 ~ CP5

CP4 ~ CP5

Reached CP5

Can see from CP4 to CP5, the path was not that tough, just the weather a bit hot, due to high altitude and the UV higher.

Food in CP5

I really hungry at this moment, I asked the volunteer: “Bro, pisang ada tak?
(I asked for banana). “Pisang tak ada, biskut pisang ada.” (only banana snack), LoL~

No choice, so just refill water and move on… Because from CP5 to CP6 only 2.8KM.

Also, I take 1 set Double X & 2x glucosamine, as I started to feel my knee not very comfortable.

A warm supprise from my friends

So happened that there’s a cafe halfway, I heard a sound “Lim… Lim…”, then I turned my head… Omg!! is Kenny, my friend. Then I went up and have a small slice of chocolate cake (very tasty), and a sausage bread. It was one of my greatest lunch on this trip.

Immediately right after I finished the food, then I move on again, because 14 hours for 55KM trail run, is some how quite tight (for a beginner).

Reached CP6

Very soon, reached CP6, so far completed 30KM, and 12pm at that moment.


Drink in CP6

There are lot’s of runner in this CP. I just refill water, put in Phytopowder in 1 of water bag (500ml), and move…

CP6 ~ CP7

CP6 ~ CP7

CP6 ~ CP7

The best view of this race should be here. No matter how I snap, also nice…

CP6 ~ CP7

Reached CP7

Great!! This is the drop bag CP (for 55KM category), I thought there are some nice food here…

Drop bag in CP7

Food in CP7

Cup noodle (spicy flavour) was provided, of course, there are coffee & tea as well. But I don’t felt like want to eat hot spicy food during the race, thus I skip the lunch provided. Luckily I have drop my secret food here 😏 .

Protein & Bodykey

Protein & Bodykey shake

Refilled nutrition that body needs. Fantastic!!!

Then I changed my T-shirt as well, and take out my jacket. The used T-shirt put back to drop bag, and jacket put in my hydration bag, just in case…

I met 2 of my friends here, but I didn’t wait for them, as my speed was slow, I’m pretty sure they will chase me up afterward. So I move on…

About 1~2KM, I notice I left my race bib on CP7, oh shit!!!! What can I do??? I tried to call Kenny, tried to get the phone number of the 2 friends just now. But not in… The only thing I can do now is, U-turn back to the CP7 😭 …

Get back race bib

Thanks god, still here… I took off because of changing T-shirt, omg…

Then I move on immediately, at this moment my mood level down a bit, I think at least 20~30 minutes wasted… What to do?

I walked all the way up back to CP6, so under the hot sun.

Reached CP6

When I reached CP6, I felt so tired, thus I refilled water and take a couple of minutes of break here.

Reached CP5

Same thing, I walked all the way to CP5. Because my leg felt a bit painful…

CP5 ~ CP4

This is really a long long path! Getting less and less runners here, so I walked alone back to CP4.

Also, I consumed 1 set of Double X & 1x Co Q10, to fill up some nutrition for my body.

Reached CP4

2 hours 50 minutes left. Same thing, refilled water here, but the orange was finished. So just move, because the remaining time getting shorter, and I afraid not able to complete within the cutoff time.

Just about start to run, Kenny called my name. He told me 6KM left, gambateh~ And I’m the last 1 (among our team members) until this CP. So just run lah!!

After 1KM+ of slow jog, my leg really painful, so I switch to “walk mode” 😅 …

Just kept walking… Until the last part of trail, which is going up hill few hundreds meter elevation. In this part, my leg felt better when up hill, I also don’t know why. So I overtake some runners here, including one of my team member (met at CP7 that guy), he asked for chocolate from me, and I just finished it. LoL~

So I didn’t stop, and keep walking, until CP3, I saw not much volunteers there, and the gate also closed, then I didn’t stop as well, because about 1KM left to the finishing line.

Walk… jog… walk… jog… Finally…

Crossed the finishing line

Yeah!!! The official time is 12 hours 40 minutes. After couple of minutes, the guy ask for chocolate from me, also reached, without rest, another friend came, and asked both of us get up to the car, we went back to homestay!

If a picture worth of thousand words, then a video must worth for million words. Watch the video below:


Here is my official result, and certificate


This is my second trail race, the first 1 was Penang ECO 100 (of course I went for 50KM category). If you ask me, Penang ECO 100 VS Cameron Ultra Trail, which 1 more challenging? I would say, Penang ECO is 2x harder than Cameron Ultra Trail:

  1. There are more trail in Penang ECO.
  2. The starting time of Penang ECO 50KM started at 12am, I can said I almost no sleep before that; whereas, Cameron Ultra Trail 50KM started at 5am, at least I still have few hours of sleeping time.

Even though Penang ECO has longer hours (20 hours COT).

A lesson learned here, must always prepare sufficient food for the race. Because is hard to guarantee the organiser provide the food that we needed/wanted.

Nutrition/food taken during the race:

  • 2x Nutrilite All Plant Protein
  • 1x Nutrilite BodyKey Meal Replacement (Chocolate)
  • 2x Nutrilite Double X
  • 2x Nutrilite Glucosamine
  • 1x Nutrilite Co Q10
  • 4x Nutrilite Phytopowder (Orange)
  • 3x Snickers

PM me if you interested about the nutrition :)

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Penang ECO 100 2017 - 50KM

This was the hardest race I’ve ever join, also the longest hours race to me (until today). Here is the route:

Preparing race mandatory items

After came back from Penang Triathlon, I rest for a while, and the training I’ve done only 3x 10km road & 1x 5.3km trail.

I should said I have not prepared (at all), that’s why I’m so worried.

The day before (12th night), I have a meeting until 11:30pm, and also not sleep well. The next day morning I drove back to Perak first, but then there was an accident that cause the traffic jam (around 2 hours stuck there).

Once I reached home already 3pm, then 8pm drove to the race site, quite tired actually.

Penang ECO 100 race site

I reached the race site

Penang ECO 100 race site

Race pack collection

Penang ECO 100 mandatory item check

Penang ECO 100 race site

Penang ECO 100 race site

Penang ECO 100 race site

I thought it was 50km, in fact it was 54.6km… (4.6km in trail is like 10km in road)

Penang ECO 100 race site

See the blue tape on my knee? The tape was quite useful when come to the trail run. I bought it few months ago, and I actually forgotten how to tape it on my ankle, so I call the seller who is a physioteraphist, and he immediately send me the video while he was driving. LoL… Really thanks him very much

Penang ECO 100 race briefing

Everytime there is a briefing before the race

Penang ECO 100 important number

Must jot down the number in case need any help. Also there is a private taxi service, RM60/trip, but I only carry RM50 with me 😅 .

Penang ECO 100 start

Start soon, but I already felt sleepy 😴 Still have to continue any how.

The 50KM start from CP5. From CP5 to CP6 about 9.8KM. The trail is quite tough, because is too dark, so no photo here.

The mud make the route slippery, up & down also not easy. Thus, when I reached CP7, already 2am

Penang ECO 100 CP6

2 hours for 9.8KM, the cutoff is at 4am, means I’m 2 hours ahead. After take some drink & banana, then move on. The next CP is 10.1KM. Guess how long I take?

Probably from CP6 ~ CP7 is the toughest part in the race. A lot of up hill, also a lot of down hill, and steep. When I facing up hill, I kept resting, due to my heart beat very fast, and headache, and sleepy, and very tired…

Then I started to think, should I just slowly walk over to the next CP, and DNF? So I was planning to give up already, because really not feeling well that time.

After reached the road (I thought going to be road afterwards), I check the time, which already 3am, and I asked a runner beside me, he told me we have hiked around 1KM from CP6… 😱 That means 1KM took us 1 hour??? OMG!!

Want to call taxi? NO! There is middle of hill, shouldn’t have taxi to come up I guess. So… let’s continue to walk…

I also don’t know how many KM, then going down hill, and it’s road 🙃 I was so happy and walk down.

Penang ECO 100 CP7

WOAH~~~ Finally, 5:50am already. It took me almost 4 hours for this 10.1KM

Penang ECO 100 CP7

So I refill water, take some fruits, consume some Nutrilite supplement. Then I saw some runners sleep there (there is a basketball court), so I also slept for a moment (not really sleep also, just for my mind & eye to rest).

The moment when I woke up is already 6:30am, but I felt fresh and energized 💪 . So I started to run slowly, the 6.7KM along the way is road, so great!!

Penang ECO 100 CP7 ~ CP8

Have great scene along the way

Penang ECO 100 CP7 ~ CP8

Penang ECO 100 CP7 ~ CP8

Penang ECO 100 CP7 ~ CP8

Penang ECO 100 CP7 ~ CP8

Penang ECO 100 CP7 ~ CP8

Penang ECO 100 CP8

Reached CP8 at 7:35am. The next CP is 7.9KM away, not too far, not too near also…

Penang ECO 100 CP8 ~ CP9

After CP8, going to trail again… I was scared, so just continue to walk, no more run here 😅

Penang ECO 100 CP8 ~ CP9

You can see is getting up hill here

Penang ECO 100 CP8 ~ CP9

Penang ECO 100 CP9

My thigh is quite painful now. But the next CP only 3KM away. so sit for a moment and continue~

Penang ECO 100 CP9

The 3KM trail… like this

Penang ECO 100 CP9 ~ CP10

Penang ECO 100 CP10

Reached CP10 at 12:22pm, which took me about 1.5 hour.

In this CP, they provide main food like fried noodle and nasi lemak. I heard some of the runners said want to give up, actually still have time. But I think may be they are too tired. One of the runner even said this is harder than TMBT. Again, I consumed Nutrilite supplement here again 😎

Well, I’m pretty confident that I’m able to finish it now. Move on…

This is the hottest time now, I somehow felt dehydrated. Hike until halfway, I started not feeling well again. So I sit down and closed my eye, rest my mind, for about 5 minutes. Surprisingly, I felt refresh again. COOL~~

I think probably is my luck this time, the sky suddenly turn dark, is like going to rain soon. But until I reached CP11, still no rain. Really nice weather, awesome!!

Penang ECO 100 CP11

I reached CP11 at 3:30pm, still 4.5 hours to reach the finishing line, about8.1KM. Pretty much time now. So I take my time, and rest here.

I started to walk at 3:45~3:50pm, again…

Penang ECO 100 CP11 ~ finishing

Penang ECO 100 CP11 ~ finishing

The path mostly like this, pretty easy to go. Of course, there are up & down hill as well.

Penang ECO 100 CP11 ~ finishing

Penang ECO 100 finishing line

YEAH 🙌 ✌️ 😎 finally I reached the finishing line… My watch showing the time 6:10pm! The feeling was really awesome!! First time ever I run (hike) such a long hours, compared the my previous record, was 10hr 40min. Really really a big breakthrough to myself.

Penang ECO 100 finisher medal

Penang ECO 100 finisher medal

And here is the official result

Penang ECO 100 result


As I mentioned above, this was my first time every to run such a long hours, and I was not prepared well for it too. So I learned that, take a nap can actually recover some energy. Of course, with the help of Nutrilite supplement too.

Before the race start, I consumed 1 sachet protein & 1 sachet of BodyKey meal replacement, plus Double X, B, E, Q10 & Glucosamine. My body status was: 56.8kg, 13.2% body fat, BMI 17.5, 1.5% visceral fat.

During the race, CP6CP7, CP9CP10, CP10CP11, CP11finishing line, each path I consume 1 sachet Phytopowder orange, to reduce the chance of cramp.
At CP7 & CP10, I consumed Double X 1-set, E & Glucosamine.

After the race, I consumed 2 sachets of protein, Double X, B, E, Q10 & Glucosamine, Cal Mag D. Then after a day, I checked my body with Karada scanner: 57.1kg, 9.7% body fat, 17.6 BMI, 1.0 visceral fat.

How great is this, after the race I still gain some weight 😎

I guess this would be my toughest race in 2017. Probably I won’t join again if without proper training.

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Penang Triathlon 2017

Before I sign up for this, my bicycle was parking at home for long long time, I think, since I already bought the bicycle, then I must go for race. Otherwise will be wasted. Thus, I signed up.

Race bib

I think this is my lucky number.

After race bib collection, there is a dinner & briefing at the night before the race. I met a few friends during briefing. One of them asked me, “How was your training?” I told him, “I almost no prepare for it, due to busy of work.”

It’s true, that’s why I said before sign up, I was considering…

Before the race, I did only 1x pool swimming 🏊 (about 1km I guess), 2x cycling 🚵 (23km & 15km), running also stopped for few weeks after TITI ultra 50k.

I noticed the cutoff time was 5 hours. Because last year (PGiTD 2016) was 5:30 hours… so I was a bit worry about that. Last year my result was almost 5 hours, and also, I did more training compare to this year. So? Theoritically I suppose to take longer time to complete the course than last year right?

One of my buddy that I met him in PGiTD 2016, he told me to enjoy the race. Wow~ so I got it… Let’s enjoy it

Race day

Early morning I went to the race site from Bayan Lepas, so I 4:30am depart, as it took about 1 hour to travel from the place I stay. Then I reached at 5:30am, so I still have some time to get my bike ready, drink protein & bodykey, take some supplements… That’s my light breakfast

Check in bike

Then went to check in the bike


The blue XDS is mine

walk to shuttle bus

Then have to walk about 500 meters to take the shuttle bus to the swim site.

Go down from shuttle bus


Check in swim transition bag

This is the place where we hang our transition bag according to our bib number

The swimming part is divided into 2 loops, 750 meters each. During the first loop, so many swimmers was kicking here and there… I’m not so used to it, and then I slow down and let others go first…

2nd loop, was smoother as getting less and less swimmers already.

When I get up, I heard someone said they get stung by jellyfish 😱 . Luckily I don’t…

stairecase shortcut

After swim, we have to run about 2.5km back to the transition area to take our bike (is a bit different from other triathlon)

According to the organiser, this is the shortcut that ready for us to get there. Lol

stairecase shortcut

So long…

stairecase shortcut

So hot…

running to the dam

And… few hundred meters left to get the bicycle…


get the bike

The cycling part was in the hill, up and down (about 10km I guess). The GO way, beginning was up hill, not that tired actually, not so steep also. It’s fun when going down hill. Then in kampung area about 10km also, is flat road.

Then the challenging part has come… After U-turn to the BACK way, when I reached the up hill… hmmm… it’s like hell! So damn tired, my leg. I felt like very long hours there, and very long journey!!! But, I didn’t stop along the way, I just keep telling myself, later down hill is my rest time. When I reach the down part, thanks god! I can rest now~



We run with a very nice view.

The tough part is, I run under hot sun, around 10:30am++ ~ 11am++. It’s hard to run, because of dehydration.

The lucky part is, every 2 ~ 3km has a water station.

Banana running

The last station, we were given bananas

Enjoy the race

When I said, enjoy the race


Finishing line

When I cross the finishing line! Of course, the first thing to do is, take photo ✌️

Medal front

Medal back

The medal

PGiTD 2017 result

Total time: 4:23:17 ✌️

Not so bad right?

Enjoy the race! Enjoy the pain!

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TITI ultra 2017 - 50KM

I’ve been rest a while from race after PBIM 2016. Thus, I have a bit tension before the race. Another thing is, I have not much training, usually just 10k on weekend. But I have confidence to complete within cut off time :)

Race mandatory & optional items

This is what I prepared for the race.

Nutrilite all plant protein before race

I dinner at 7pm, about 6 hours before the race. I ate maggi goreng chicken chop, quite a large portion. Until 10pm, I drink 2 scoops of All plant protein, Double X 1 set, Salmon Omega 3 one, get myself prepared.

On the race site

I arrived race site at 11pm, went there early as I not very sure about the location, also not sure how long the mandatory items check it takes.

Race site

Lot’s of people over there already. Just the time I reached there, one of the 250KM runner just left the check point (the runner completed 200KM, left 50KM to go). A little while, the champion of 200KM runner arrived, he is really awesome, completed in 29hr++.


Before the race we have a briefing, I heard the director said that some participants don’t bring torch light/headlamp, which not fulfill the mandatory items requirement. This is not a usual marathon, thus it has specific requirements.

Starting race

50KM category started at 1am, and the cut off is 10am.

Starting of the race, it’s raining, then I put my headlamp under my cap (because I read the review that black diamond headlamp is not waterproof).

Check Point 1

From start until CP1 (9KM), my average pace is around 6-7 min/km, I just take 2 pieces of watermelon & 2 small cups of soft-drink.

Check Point 2

Then continue to CP2 (in KM 14.5), using about the same pace like CP1, which I felt quite a short distance :)

Actually I didn’t know there is a cut off time for every CP, because in King of Sungai Lembing, there is only 1 cut off in one of the CP. But still, I was 45 minutes ahead the cut off :)

The challenge comes up in KM 18… I felt a bit hard to breathe, and my heart not feeling comfortable as well. I open up the 2 clips of my hydration bag, and started to walk in average speed. I kept looking for the next CP, unfortunately I didn’t see any… still in complete dark in front of me (because CP area has some lights)

Until KM 22-23, the road is downhill, then I run a little bit, walk-run-walk-run… Finally saw CP3, which is in KM 25, the U-turn point.

I rest in the CP3 for around 30 minutes. I ate 2 bananas, a few pieces of watermelons and refill some water. After rest, I felt better, then continue to run 4KMs, because I know that from CP3 to CP4 (now going backward) is 10.5KM, so I still have a lot of time. Then I continue to walk-run-walk-run…

In KM 32, I felt hungry already, then I drink 1 sachet of BodyKey meal replacement, it can last me for a while. Is great to have it.

Check Point 4

When I reached KM35, the time was 6:23am, 52 minutes ahead the cut off.




Nice view

Can see the view along the way is quite nice.

Check Point 5

Reached CP5, 1 hour ahead the cut off, not bad to me :)

But when I reached here, not much fruits left, so I just fill up some water and make Phytopowder to drink. It contains electrolyte…

Last 9KM

9KM left… Although is not long, but the final 5KM, my leg getter heavy, very hard to run already…4KM…3KM…2KM… Then I met a 100KM runner, he also cramp already, so I walk with him until the last 500 meters, then he started to run! OMG… I tried to run, but my calf & ankle kept sending me a signal, saying that if I continue to run, I will cramp… No choice, I walk until the last 100 meters, then run to the finishing line XD

TITI 50KM completed

Mission completed!

TITI 50KM finishing medal

TITI 2017 result

Quite satisfied with my result :)

As I know I lag of training, but I’m sure I can do it better if have proper training.


I have a thought to sign up 100KM, but luckily I didn’t. Because this time 50KM is my limit already, I was quite tired on this race. So I sign up for 100KM, I think I will DNF.

So if the foundation is not strong enough, better don’t go for something unachievable. Foundation is very important, get more training!

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