Race Summary

Ultramarathon Statistic: http://statistik.d-u-v.org/getresultperson.php?runner=863168


Race Year Distance Timing Link
King of Sungai Lembing 2016 50KM 08:47:38 View
TITI ultra 2017 50KM 07:44:04 View
Penang ECO 2017 50KM 18:08:16 View
Cameron ultra 2017 55KM 12:40:34 View
Pong Yaeng Trail 2017 66KM 16:30:11 View
Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2018 70KM DNF View

Bucket list

Race Distance Country Continent Link
Antarctic Ice Marathon 100KM, 42KM Antarctica Antarctica View
Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji 165KM, 72KM Japan Antarctica View

My running gears

Salomon S-lab sense 6

I’ve been wearing this to the
Penang Triathlon,
Penang ECO 50KM,
Cameron ultra 50KM,
Pong Yaeng Trail 66KM,

It’s pretty good in trail, but not so in road. Because the shoelace I can pull it tight easily, so it won’t hurt my toe.

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Suunto Ambit 3 peak sapphire

This is old model, the good about this watch is, it’s longer battery life (longer than Suunto Spartan series).
But the latest model GPS navigation is better than this.

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Injinji socks

I’ve been wearing this socks to race since after my first Full marathon.
The good about this socks is, I can prevent friction in between my toes.

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Salomon S-lab Adv Skin 12

The good thing about this is, it pretty fit to my body.
During run, it won’t shake here & there.
The compartments also very convenient to keep my items.

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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

I bought in 2016 if I remember correctly.
With 200 lumens + 950 mAh AAA battery, can last for 5 hours, after 5 hours started to dim out.
If the race COT is tight, and need to run more than 5 hours in the dark, better to have spare headlamp (not spare battery).
Because it’s going to take some time to change the battery during dark.

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Compressport Headband

Compressport Visor

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Eneloop Pro AAA battery

I used this for my headlamp.

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Mont-Bell Waterproof Jacket

Lightweight, good for trail running.

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O2 Creation Tribelt

Opsite Spray

I spray this in my toe before the race, can prevent friction as well.

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Salomon Gaiter

I’ve using this in Pong Yaeng Trail 66KM,
Especially in MMTF, such a muddy trail, with this gaiter, it prevent sand & mud into my shoes.

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Salomon XT Wings Glove WP

I like this glove because of the open fingers, I can still tap on my phone with finger.
Then can cover up my fingers if necessary. Quite convenient.

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