2019 Mount Ijen & Bromo Trip

This is my second time visiting Indonesia. Which also a hiking (or more accurately trekking) trip.

Day 1:

Wake up at 4:15am, take a 5am bus to KLIA2. Not sleep in the bus.

Aerobus Paradigm Mall to KLIA2

When reached KLIA2, meet-up with my aunt. After had some light breakfast, we proceed to baggage check in. I noticed now is self serve, have to weight the bag ourselves, scan the tag, and must make sure it match with the booking number. So, always reach airport earlier, we never know what will consume our time.


Everyone can fly

(Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of AirAsia)

When in the airplane, I not really sleep well, even though I was tired.


When reached Surabaya airport, The first thing I do is, connect airport WiFi 😆.
Then I saw a message from company 😩, what to do? So I still bought a SIM card there.

Surabaya Airport

We met with the tour guide and follow the van (or bus, not sure) to Banyuwangi. I was told, to the destination need around 7 hours. That time was 11:30am. Then I expect should be around 8pm can reach the hotel, then we have around 3 hours+ to sleep.

On-the-way van

Our first stop, is this restaurant, price range a bit higher on average, around Rp. 40k+ for a fried rice.

kartikasari restaurant

kartikasari restaurant fried rice

After don’t know how many hours, we stop by a rest area. Take a rest and take a walk.

Rest area

Rest area eat ice cream

Continue the journey, until….. 7pm, the sky already dark, we were hungry, and stop by a mini market there, bought some biscuit & drink

Indomart drink yogurt

Our dinner time was at 8pm, hungry, tired…

Dinner Makanan Titin

No fried rice, no fried noodle, only has economic rice.

Dinner Makanan Titin

The price is really economic, but the taste… so so only…

Finally… Arrived the hotel

Ijen Resto Guest House

From airport 11:30am, to the hotel 9:50pm 😱 Super long journey

During the journey in the bus, is hard for me to sleep, and I not even sure if I had take a nap. Because of the shaky bus and narrow space.

The good news is, now we can rest; but, the not so good news is, we will be checking out on 12am 😨.
After shower and unpack some stuff, 10:30pm. 1.5 hours left. 😰

Day 2

Alarm rang. 12am, I was super tired 😴
After waiting all members ready, almost 1am. I think because of my tiredness, I’m able to nap for a while when travelling to Mount Ijen.

We were given a gas mask, for the sulphur smoke, which is very poisonous.

Is very crowded, and the trail was quite slippery. When hike down to the blue fire place, the trail is a bit dangerous.

We can see the fire, it just like the cooking gas fire. The smoke can make our throats dry and eye quite painful.

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