Penang Bridge International Marathon 2016

This is my 3rd year joining full marathon in PBIM. The 1st time I completed in 5:08 hours, that time was running on 2nd bridge. Last year I completed in 6:23 hours, due to injured on my ankle, and lack of training. This year, my finishing time almost same as last year.

Race pack collection

Early morning 9am+ I already reached the collection counter, that’s why not many people there.

Race pack collection counter

Race bib

My lucky number A00383

Running gears

See what I have prepared…

Running gears - Socks

Injinji socks. Because the 1st time I join FM, my toes feeling pain after some distance. This sock separate toes so that it avoid the problem.

Running gears - Compression pant

A newly bought compression pant. I bought itduring the BodyKey event day. Quite good!

Running gears - Armband

It’s always good to spare some cash & phone. Because to me, I can’t feel safe if without cash 😆

Running gears - headband

I like this headband very much, it’s soft, and it prevent my sweat come into my eyes. It’s Compressport brand

Running gears - GPS watch

10 years ago, people run with a normal digital watch with a basic timer. Nowadays I see many of athlete wearing a GPS watch.

I also using this to estimate my pace in order to complete before the cutoff time (COT).


Well, I can complete within the COT without much training, I think mostly is because of Nutrilite!

Here are Double X, Salmon Omega 3, All plant protein, BodyKey meal replacement & phytopowder orange.

You can reach me on my Facebook page and PM me if you want to know more.


My friend told me that his knee feeling a bit pain before the race start. But he is showing the OK sign (see his right-hand), that means no problem 🤔


So many people joining FM, can see that FM is not as hard as you think 😉

Pre-race almost start

My stomach was not feeling well after around 8km, this was the same mistake I made last year —— eating too much before the race…

Same like last year, I started to walk after 8th km. Walk-run-walk-run~ feel like want to vommit also, very uncomfortable.

Going up the bridge

Until going up the bridge, it was 18-19th km, my stomoch feeling better at that time. But feeling sleepy and leg muscle start feeling pain. I think this is because of not training well.

Half of the bridge

Getting less and less people here, because most people already running in front, and we’re left behind 😅

Consume supplements

After digested my dinner, it’s the time to re-fuel with protein & BodyKey.

Powered by Nutrilite

Yeah!!! I also prepared Phytopowder orange 2 sticks. Around 26 or 27km I drink while running/walking, that moment my leg muscle was tight. Until 30 or 31km, my leg feeling relief. Phytopowder is so powerful!!! I think is because of electrolytes, it’s very helpful.

On the way back from Butterworth

This is the time to come back from the other side of the bridge

On the way back from Butterworth

A lot of people walking slowly, and me too

Started to see 10km runners

This is intersection point with 10km runners, suddenly become so many people.

Mission completed

In the last 3km, I saw the 6:30 balloon coming from my back. Omg, my target was to faster than last year, so I keep pushing myself without stop running (the pace is around 8min/km+-). I really wish the balloon man can stop running for a while, because my leg very tired already. That moment has an evil-me & angel-me fighting in my mind. No choice, still have to push, I told myself: persist 1 more km, I can do it

Woo hoo!! At the end, I follow the 6:30 balloon man cross the finishing line. 06:31:33 when I take this photo.

Finishing medal

Mission completed!!! again…

Different category medals

This year we have different size of medals —— S, M, L. Obviously, S is for 10km finisher, M is for 21km finisher, L is for 42km finisher.

Finishing medals

Another friend of mine, also completed his 2nd FM.

All of us got the medal

Remember the red-tshirt guy? He told me his knee pain. Guess what? He completed in 5:40++ hours. And this is also his first FM.

The pink t-shirt guy is running HM, hopefully next year can see him in FM.

Post-race recovery

After the race, I have Nutrilite protein for my recovery.

Steps of the day

In that day, I have total 64k+ steps, almost same as last year.


Back in year 2014, I was so excited when I completed my first FM. Now, this is my 3rd times, before the race I already know I sure can complete within the COT, so the excitement level is not that high.

I believe everyone has a target to pursue. Just like 3 years back, my target was 42km; now, I’m looking towards ultra race in 2017!

You can have a meaningful life if you have a dream to pursue 😎

PBIM 2016 certificate

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