Into The Woods Night Trail 2016 - 13KM

My lucky number~

Get the race bib

After I register for this race (alone), I was actually looking for some friends go with me. After asking a few friends, only she agree to join me.

Banner & Member

But before that, she was afraid that she can’t make it. Because of is at night, some more in trail. I keep encouraging her, at the end, she signed up for the race!!

Warm up before the race

She’s so excited before the race…


Now get ready to run. About 600 runners (according to the organiser)

Finishing Medal

Completed in about 2 hours. This is not a very good result to me. As I very seldom training these days (can check it here).

There are quite many up& down hills, and running in the dark is much more difficult as compare to morning. Need to be very alert, otherwise may lost in the forest, because the road inside, some time suddenly need to turn to small road which is quite hard to notice as the surrounding is so dark.


What’s make to be able to complete in a not too bad timing? Of course I must give the credit to Nutrilite. The cutoff time is 3 hours, and I used 2/3 of the cutoff time to complete. To me, I think consider ok already.

Mission completed

She also finish in about my time, and I’m a bit surprise. Because before that, she told me is hard, nervous, not sure can complete within the cutoff time or not, and so on…

Now I learned, if someone tell you that s/he cannot, is not s/he actually cannot, just s/he underestimate him/herself. If you’re the one think that you cannot, believe in yourself, because… YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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